New Best Wedding Invitations From Indonesian Specific

Dunia Pengetahuan - New Best Wedding Invitations From Indonesian Spesific, Indonesia's rich culture and beatiful panoram. In Indonesia you can see the beatiful scenery and enchanting eyes. 

The best wedding invitations from Indonesian Spesific, hallmark indonesia model is batik, the batik is the best indonesian produk. so typical of indonesian to make wedding invitations is batik design.

There are several models and types of batik-shaped invitation designs according to each area. The following are some New Best Wedding Invitations From Indonesia Spesific and Design. 

front view

rear view

display in
This tamplate in front of the display there is a poly design in silver and adorned with matching floral ornament.

view inside, front, and rear
this is perfect and simple, so you can tray with this design.



othe viewer
This one is very luxurious and classic style, according to Indonesia once. some models that I think is very attractive and simple, you can select a wedding invitation, according to your choice, so choose your soul.