A. Self Introduction (Memperkenalkan Diri Sendiri)
Here are some phrases and the responses for formal introduction
Formal Introduction
·         Good morning. My name is……
·         Please, allow me to introduce myself. I am …
·         May I introduce myself? I am …………
·         How do you do? My name is………………
·         I am Dewi / My name’s Dewi
·         Let me introduce myself
·         Hi, I’m Baskara.
·         Hello, my name’s Baskara.
·         Good evening. My name is Baskara.
·         May I introduce myself? I’m Baskara.
·         Let me introduce myself. My name is Baskara.
·         How do you do? My name is Baskara.
·         Good morning, how do you do?
·         How do you do, nice to meet you?
·         Oh, hello, nice to meet you
·         I am …../ my name’s ……
·         Hi /Hello Mr …..
·         Hi, I’m Renata. Glad to meet you.
·         Hello. My name’s Renata. Pleased to meet you.
·         Good evening. I’m Renata. How do you do?
·         How do you do? My name is Rena. Nice to meet you.

Informal introduction is used when you introduce yourself to someone at about the same age with you. Informal introduction id used in a non formal situation.
Here are some Responses for informal introduction
Informal introduction
Hello, I am…………Nice to meet you 
Hi, I am…………Nice to meet you
Excuse me. I am …. what’s your ?
Hi, what’s your name ….
Hi, I am ………………. Nice to meet you 
Hello, I am …………. Nice to meet you
I am ……
Hello. I am …. / My name’s ….
Example 1 :
Hello, my name is Dewi. I live in Sukabumi but I was born in Rangkasbitung on may 2 nd , 1987. I study at SMK Mardiyuana Cikembar. I choose to study here because …….
Example 2 :
Hi, let me intoduce my self. My name is Ismail. I’m sixteen year old. I was born an Oktober 17th 1987 in Subang, where I live till nowdays. I study at SMK Subang. I like study here because ……
Example 3 :
Hello, I’m Shifa. Allow me to tell you about my self. I was born in Rangkasbitung on may 2 nd , 1987. Now I live in this city, therefore I choose this school to study …………….
B. Introducing other (Memperkenalkan Orang lain)
·         Good morning, may I introduce our guest here,
·         His name is…
·         Mr. ……this is ….my friend in this office.
·         I ‘d like to introduce you to Mr. Sandy
·         Dewi, Let me introduce you to …..
·         Shifa, may I introduce you to ….
·         Mr. Alax, allow me introduce you to Miss ..
·         How do you Mr./Mrs. …nice to meet you.
·         My name is ……………
·         Let me introduce my friend, her name is Ana.
·         Anna this is Chris my friend here.
·         Have you meet my friend, Oky?
·         Rini, this is Andy, Edi and Topan
·         Oh … Dewi, I d like you to meet ….
·         By the way, do you know each other ?
·         Do you know Baskara?
·         Have you met Baskara?
·         This is a friend of mine, Renata.
·         Baska this is Rena, my friend.
·         May I introduce our new member, Mr. Rafael Romero?
·         Please allow me to introduce our new District Manager.
·         Let me introduce you to Mr. Iskandar our Marketing Manager. Mr. Iskandar, this is Mr. Hermawan from Borneo Plantation Company.
·         Hello Anna, glad to meet you.
·         Hello Oky, I am Bara.
·         Glad to see you
·         How do you do nice to meet/see you
·         No, I don’t think so.
·         No, I haven’t.
·         Hi, glad to meet you. I’m Renata.
·         Hello, Renata. Pleased to meet you.
·         I’m glad to know you.
·         It’s nice to meet you.
·         How do you do?
·         How do you do? It’s very nice to meet you.