The Legend of Crocodile pirates

Dupeng - Crocodile pirate folklore archipelago is located in Lampung Bones Onions, who said that there was an Evil Crocodiles are often casualties in Bone Onion River area, and one day there was a beautiful girl who was washing in the river suddenly Bones Onions got lost and unaccounted Consider next the full story.

Crocodile pirates

Once there, the river is very famous for its onion bone malignancy crocodile. Every fisherman who passed the river should always be careful. Neither resident who frequently bathing and washing in the river banks. According to the story, many people who go away without leaving any trace at all.

On one day, a terrible incident was repeated. A beautiful girl named Amina suddenly lost while washing in the river banks. Curiously, although the residents have many days to look at along the riverbank, but not too find it. The girl disappeared without leaving a trace. It seems like he vanished into the earth. Residents stopped to search, because it considers that Aminah had eaten dead crocodile.

Meanwhile, in a place at the bottom of the river were a girl lying limp. He is the Aminah. He just woke up from fainting.

"Dad, Mom, I'm no where? Aminah muttered half-conscious calling his parents.

With a vengeance, Aminah rise from sleep. How shocked he was when he realized that he was in a cave. Even more surprised him again, when he saw the walls of the cave was filled with possessions are priceless. There are gems, gold, diamonds, and beautiful-beautiful clothes that emits a beam of light exposed glittering torch attached to the walls of the cave.

"Well, really a lot of jewelry in this place. But, whose huh? "Said Aminah in the liver.

Aminah has just revealed his admiration, suddenly heard a man's voice echoed.

"Hi, handsome girl! Do not be afraid. These objects are mine. "

Surprise, Aminah, not far from where she sat faintly visible large crocodile crawling on the corner of the cave.

"Who are you? You form a crocodile, but why could speak like a human? "Asked Aminah with fear.

"Quiet, beautiful girl! Wujudku indeed crocodiles, but in fact I was a human being like you. Wujudku can turn into humans when the full moon comes., "Said the Crocodile.

"Why wujudmu turned into a crocodile?" Asked Amina wanted to know.

"In the past, I was hit by a curse because of what I did was very evil. My name is Somad first, robbers accomplished in Sungai Bawang bones. I always seize property every merchant who sailed on this river. All results rampokanku I keep in this cave, "said the Crocodile.

"So, what if you are hungry? Where do you get food? "Asked Aminah.

"If I need food, I sell a little treasure in the village market on the banks of Onion bones during the full moon arrives. Not a resident who knew that I was a crocodile imitation. They also do not know if I've built tunnels behind this cave. The tunnel connects this cave with the village, "said the Crocodile.

Without realizing it, the pirates crocodile has opened a secret cave residence. It was not wasted by Aminah. Carefully, he has listened and will always remember all the valuable information, so that one day he could escape from the cave.

"Hi, Pretty Girl! What is your name? "Asked the crocodile.

"My name is Amina. I lived in a village on the banks of Onion Bones, "said Aminah.

"O, Crocodile! May I ask you? "Asked Aminah

"What's going on, Aminah? Say! "Replied the crocodile.

"Why are you kidnapping me and do not eat me as well?" Asked Aminah wonder.

"Know, Aminah! I was brought to this place and do not eat you, because I love you. You are beautiful and good-looking girl and gentle. Will you stay with me in this cave? "Asked the crocodile.

Hear the crocodile question, Aminah became nervous. For a moment, he was silent and pensive.

"Ma ... sorry, Crocodile! I can not stay with you. My parents will definitely find me, "said Aminah refused.

In order Aminah want to stay with him, the crocodile was promised to give him a gift of jewelry.

"If you are willing to live with me, I will give all the treasures that exist in this cave. However, if you refuse, then I will eat you, "threatened the crocodile.

Aminah was surprised to hear the crocodile threat. However, it did not fail him. For a moment he thought he could find a way to survive the crocodile's jaws.

"All right, Alligator! I'm willing to live with here, "said Aminah agree.

Apparently, Aminah received a request crocodile was to avoid acamana crocodile that, in addition to waiting for the right time in order to escape from the cave.

Finally, Aminah also live with pirates crocodile was in the cave. Every day crocodile was giving him exquisite jewelry and luxury. Shapely body covered by clothing made of silk. Hands and neck filled with gold jewelry diamond berpermata.

On one day, the pirates crocodile bit off guard. He fell asleep and left the cave door is open. Seeing the situation, Aminah did not want to waste the opportunity.

"Wow, this is a good opportunity to get out of here," said Aminah in the liver.

Fortunately Aminah was recorded in his mind about the crocodile story that there was a tunnel connecting the cave with a village on the banks of the Bone Onions. With very carefully, Aminah came out while tiptoeing. He has not had time to think to bring his belongings Crocodile, except clothing and jewelry that is still attached to his body.

After a while of searching, Aminah also discovered a narrow tunnel behind the cave and immediately track it. A short time later, not far from the front looks sunlight radiating into the tunnel. It indicates that soon he will get to the mouth of the tunnel. With misgivings, he continued to explore the tunnels and occasionally looked back, fearing crocodile pirates awoke and membututinya. When he arrived at the mouth of the tunnel, it seems in front of a dense forest. How good heart Aminah, because of the threat of crocodile survived pirates.

"Thank God, I have been saved from the threat of pirates Crocodile," Aminah say thanks.

After that, Aminah immediately along the dense forest. After walking some distance, he met a villager who was looking for rattan.

"Hi, Children's Girl! Who are you? Why in the middle of this forest alone? "Asked the villagers.

"I Aminah, sir!" Said Aminah.

After that, Amina was telling all the events that happened until he was in the woods. Therefore pitied, the villagers also drove Aminah return to his hometown. Arriving at his home, Aminah also gives villagers partly gift jewelry attached to his body as a thank you.

Finally, Aminah was safely returned to his hometown. The entire population in the village greeted with delight. He also told all the events that had happened to her parents and all residents in the village. Since then, residents are increasingly careful to shower and wash on the banks of the River Bone Onions.

* * *

Thus the story of Pirate Crocodile blood Bone Onions, Lampung, Indonesia. The above story is a fairy tale category containing moral messages that can be used as guidelines in our daily lives. At least there are two moral message that can be learned from the story above, namely, the primacy of nature is not easily discouraged, and the ugly nature of love seize the property of others.

First, the primacy of nature is not easily discouraged. The properties shown by the attitude and behavior of Aminah which is not easily discouraged facing the threat of pirates Crocodile. With ingenuity, he managed to fool Crocodile pirates and escaped. From this it can be learned a lesson that nature is not easily discouraged to give birth to thoughts clear.

Second, the nature of badness like seizing the property of others. The properties shown by the attitude and behavior of Somad (pirates) are always seize property of each resident who passed Bone Onion River. The result of his evil deeds, he was exposed to the curse into a crocodile. In the life of the Malays, depriving property rights of others is an act of vile and very dipantangkan. It said in a point of teaching Malay:

who seize the property of people,

azabnya hard abysmal

Who take the property,

God was angry the war

(Samsuni / sas / 110 / 11-08)

Retold by Samsuni

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